Lars Boering on the Troilo controverse

World Press Photo Managing director Lars Boering has responded to the new developments on the prize winning series of the Italian photographer Giovanni Troilo. Troilo was first accused of staging photographs in his series The Dark Heart of Europe. With this series Troilo has won the first prize Contemporary Issues Stories at the World Press Photo Contest 2015. Research by World Press Photo turned out Troilo hasn’t violated the “Declaration of Principles on the Conduct of Journalists of the International Federation of Journalists”, the guideline the organization uses. Therefore, Troilo’s award stands. Shortly after the statement PDN published a new development. One of the photos in the series is supposed not to be taken in Charleroi, where Troilo says it was taken. Lars Boering now says in a telephone call that he was responsible for the PDN-scoop.

“While I was on the phone with a journalist of PDN [about the statement on the confirmation of the award for Troilo] I got a SMS something was going on again with the series. I immediately pointed the journalist to the Facebook page with the news. We want to be open as organization,” Boering says. The controverse with Troilo’s series opens a new discussion according to Boering.

“We have to think hard how we can improve investigations in these situations. At the same time, this case shows also the current state of photography. We have to have a very good discussion on the responsibilities of a professional photographer, if we have to investigate this photographer so far-reaching.” With this statement Boering wants to open the discussion on the whole photographing industry.

Right after the news was published, World Press Photo stated via Twitter that they are reopening the investigation. If new investigations prove the photo wasn’t taken in Charleroi, Troilo will be disqualified.

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